Gartner Research ON IOT Platforms

T-Systems key considerations for your iot ecosystem


The Internet of Things continues to grow and increasingly influences all areas of business, the public sector as well as our private lives. The steadily growing IoT ecosystem has this far delivered a true explosion of IoT solutions and deployments all over the world. A central pillar of this ever expanding IoT landscape is its underlying platforms. However, in light of the billions IoT devices and services that predicted to be connected in only a few years, a potent platform infrastructure has to be in place at the same time. So how do you go about finding a platform that is right for your business?

The T-Systems report “Key Considerations For Your IoT Ecosystem” features Gartner research on the design of new IoT services for IoT platforms and considers what business decision makers need to be aware of when planning for their future IoT strategy.



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